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Whilst most companies promote employee health and well-being, very little work environments actually enforce a corporate wellness program. A corporate wellness program focuses on the mental and physical needs of a company's employees. A corporate wellness program can be focused on various aspects of wellness, and the outcomes of Open Smoke corporate wellness programs include; stopping smoking, weight loss and control, reduced illness and fatigue, positive effects on blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as increased personal health and sleep, stress management and safety management. 

We work solely with the health and wellbeing of your employees in mind, and the employees you take care of tend to stick around. Employees are statistically proven to obtain higher job satisfaction through corporate wellness programs which in turn increases productivity and a higher employee retention

We are brand focused, and like to design programs which reflect your company ethos. Corporate wellness programs might include yoga or spiritual classes, stress management seminars, addressing work-life balance, financial health, exercising programs, 'quit smoking' programs, and progression classes such as cooking, fitness challenges, education and skill development. 

A corporate wellness program should be incorporated into a company's structure, which includes evaluating what works best for your workforce alongside their job role. A wellness program should work seamlessly with workplace safety and be easily accessible to each and every employee. Ultimately, your wellness programs should not only embed your company structure but mirror the ethos of your brand.

Open Smoke work diligently to ensure your company is providing the best corporate wellness programs for your team.