Top 4 things not to miss in Monaco.



From a recent trip to the charming little country on the French Riviera, Monaco really is one of the coolest places to visit in the world. Although small, there is a great deal to do. If you’re taking a trip with friends or if you’re just looking for to book a retreat for some relaxing time out of the office - it’s ideal. The affluent city of Monte Carlo offers some the most amazing restaurants and bars full of the most interesting and diverse people. 

Walk and explore. You can’t fly directly into Monaco (unless you take the heli), so it's best to fly into Nice and then take the train. The train is quite beautiful on the way into Monaco and only takes around 30-35 minutes. We walked from the station (top floor exit) down to the harbour. Although it wasn’t a short walk it was really worth it. Take the winding roads down to the waterfront and catch all the beautiful views of the city on your way.  

Did you know? - Citizens have enjoyed a tax free lifestyle since the 70’s. For decades, Monaco has survived solely on it’s casinos and is known as a European tax haven. Because of this, citizens of Monaco are not allowed to gamble or even allowed inside the casinos.

We spent 3 days in Monaco and wanted to share our Top 4 things Not to Miss. See below! 

Monte Carlo Casino and the Square

The classic Monte Carlo casino is not to be missed. Even if you're not gambling, it’s a great venue to appreciate views on the waterfront, eat or relax at the Buddha Bar. 

Monte Carlo Harbour

The harbour is the perfect place to drink cocktails and enjoy the view. For the evening, Port Palace is a great space with a bar as well as a business centre. The food is amazing and the view outstanding. Le Pattaya is a great little joint close to the port, offering a great selection of midday cocktails and crepes. 

Japanese Gardens

The Japanese Gardens is an exceptional park at the foot of the city. The views are spectacular and it’s a great space for the group to relax as well as enjoy a long walk. 

Monaco Top Cars Collection

This automobile museum is the personal antique car collection of Prince Rainier III of Monaco. The collections contains almost 100 classic cars and is a beautiful activity to take the group in the day. One of the more notable items being the Bugatti driven by Grover-Williams, the car that won the inaugural Monaco Grand Prix in 1929. The collection is growing and the museum is a must see.


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