Team Building in Iceland | Icelandic Northern Lights and South Coast Tour

Iceland as a country is enormous, but the tourist spots - mainly the capital of the country; Reykjavik has everything of interest to a visitor in around a 2km radius. Once you've found the right spots, you can get a glimpse of some extraordinary views of the city and surrounding, not to mention find some lovely spots for coffee and a bite to eat. Great views of Reykjavik at the top of Hallgrímskirkja - make sure you get there before it closes at 5pm. The street directly opposite (Skólavörðustígur) walks you into the shopping district, and offers some great little coffee shops and modern architecture on the way. The tourist industry is thriving and the Icelandic people really do take care of you. The Golden Circle Tour is phenomenal and allows you to cram multiple tourist attractions into a few hours. 

Did you know? - The Icelandic horse is the only breed of horse in Iceland. The nation are very proud of their horse farms and spend thousands on training every year for horse shows. It is illegal to horse race and to import any breed of horse into the country, therefore, although many of the horses are trained well enough to represent in the Olympics, Icelanders do not take part as they wouldn’t be able to bring the horse back into the country. 

Mini tip: Like most places, be sure to know that most of the tourist/gift shops have the same kind of merchandise available. Don’t waste your time visiting them all, you’ll find yourself comparing prices of a woolly hat giving and taking 50p/93.45K each time. 

Do not miss it: Chasing Waterfalls at Gullfoss
Map it: Gullfoss Parking, Gullfossi, Iceland