Singapore's Top Luxury Boutique Hotel | Lloyd's Inn.


One of the top 10 greenest cities of Asia; Singapore fascinates it’s tourists with it’s futuristic architecture, high efficiency MRT and bustling streets dishing up eclectic mixes of Singaporean, Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisines. Food is taken seriously, and finding somewhere to satisfy your cravings at anytime of the day won’t be tough. From hawker markets to Michelin style restaurants, the small city of Singapore has you covered.

Looking for a boutique stay when travelling to Singapore? Lloyd's Inn


Sourcing unique venues and suppliers for our travel programmes at Open Smoke is essential in maintaining our luxury and tailored service. We’re constantly looking for spaces to challenge the conventional ‘business travel’ image and demonstrating the benefits of incorporating health, wellness and relaxation into your next company trip.

Not only do we manage your business travel and itinerary, but we source additional elements for your travel including events and programmes that encourage a motivated and happy workforce. We support wellness and progression through carefully selecting programs that meet the requirements of your brand image as well as the wellbeing of your team. 

Nestled in a undisturbed street off Orchard Road, this charming unique stay is perfect for executive or large groups travelling for business. The minimalist property emanates clean textures and allows for peaceful retreats right in the heart of the city. 

The designs are contemporary and simplistic and the entire hotel is in colours of white or grey. The entire space is glowing in natural light and the design generally reflects the ‘raw virtues’ and true beauty of nature and 'our pure environment'. 

With individually decorated crisp white rooms, outdoor baths and designer hotel products; the hotel offers a truly unique experience in the heart of Singapore. 

Where is it? Lloyd's Inn, 2 Lloyd Road, Singapore 239091

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The contemporary designs of the outdoor space are particularly unique offering a tranquil and rural bliss right in the heart of the city. Singapore itself is known for low pollution levels and the city does extremely well in maintaining a ‘green’ status, so Lloyd's Inn is the perfect location to fully appreciate the serenity of the destination.

Lloyd's Inn boasts an impressive outdoor pool and seating areas surrounded by trees and plants in the back garden of the hotel. With space to improvise, incentive groups have the room to conduct wellness sessions such as yoga and meditation. There is a unique opportunity to use the outdoor space as a dining area for executive groups, or as break out spaces. There are rocking chairs and hammocks dotted around the garden there’s a plethora of space to relax and unwind.


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There is nothing traditional about the style and interior design of Lloyds Inn. Every aspect of the hotel is strategically designed to give you every feeling of calmness. The rooms are large, open plan and the showers and tubs are all outdoor on a private terrace. Each room has savvy work spaces and the suites are spacious with large queen beds and crisp white linen. 

For business guests, the space is ideal for working. The rooms have desk spaces as well as high speed WIFI should you need to catch up on some emails. 

The hotel runs very much on a do-not-disturb policy. Parties or large group celebrations are not encouraged in the evenings so you’re guaranteed a tranquil nights sleep during your stay. 


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