The Best Road Trips in the World | A Country Getaway on West Coast Ireland.



Road trips are great for group travel. We specialise in putting together unforgettable group trips for corporate groups and friends alike. Our portfolio of destinations, routes and activities gives you the guarantee that everyone will being doing something they enjoy. 

We've tried and tested a plethora of European road trips, so it's safe to say there are various options depending on what you want to cover. Ireland? Yes please to PS I love you. It’s possible to make any trip to any place in the world amazing, so do enough research and pack out your itinerary. It seems tedious, but you'll be so thankful when you're not hanging around trying to get a wifi connection on your phone to google what do that afternoon. Have things written down that you can do morning, noon and night. Have backup options in case of a reroutes or traffic. Budget well so that you know your reins. 
I most recently planned a short road trip starting in Limerick, Ireland. Open land, walks, Irish coffee; check-check-check. Car hire in Ireland is easy, they drive on the same side of the road and driving rules are indifferent. 

Limerick in Ireland.
Limerick, Ireland. Colourful houses.


‘Good food and good wine is the heart of the business’

We drove from Shannon airport directly to the beautiful boutique stay of No. One Pery Square. The hotel is set on a road of old beautiful townhouses. We were invited here by the owner of this boutique stay and were excited to check it out.   
The hotel was perfect and in a great location with everything on site that you need for an overnight stay. I had a lovely guided tour throughout the venue, where I was shown the restaurant; Sash, the pretty outdoor terrace, grand drawing rooms and cosy bar. Everything is beautifully designed and coloured in duck egg or white. The hotel feels homely and warm. With just 20 rooms, each fondly named after established writers, before long I was directed into the Wilde suite on the second floor. Although small, the suite was super cosy, overlooking the terrace and the bar. 


Day 1 started early. The lovely staff gave us a coffee to take on the road, so we packed up the car and headed straight out, driving up to Ennis heading for Galway. Road trips in Ireland are easy as the road trips and the same (driving on the same side of the road), and the rental is affordable. The car cost about 45 pounds in total for the 3 days not including the petrol, which I thought was pretty reasonable. Budget cars was a great option. 
Knowing we could take our time on this trip we made the decision to stick to a route but stop at as many places as we wanted. We saw the Cliffs of Moher, then went on through Enniston, Ballinsheen, and up to Galway. The beautiful little Irish towns are so picturesque - so get Instagramming. Reaching Galway, we checked in at Park House and then boozed on Quay Street. The drive was so peaceful and en route scenery was wonderful. If you follow the wild atlantic way you can't go wrong.
As much as I like to think of myself as a city girl, when I’m put in the middle of nowhere, with no phone signal and just an empty open road, life seems very much less stressful, which is nice. 

Driving through Ennis and up to Galway in Ireland


You have to pay an admission fee which is 6 euros per adult and includes parking. There's an extra 2 euros if you want to go inside the tower. It’s a hugely touristy location, so there’s a place to eat, get some merch, or grab a coffee. I'd suggest just putting on some comfy walking shoes and walk the whole thing. There are puffins, although we couldn't see them, right to the left end of the cliff. 

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Standing on the cliffs of Moher, Ireland


Galway was such a beautiful city, a lot like many of my favourite cities combined. The strip of charming restaurants and bars on Quay street are like walking along Stone Street in NYC. There's seats overflowing onto the pathway; feeding people wrapped in blankets, seated around low tables under glowing heater stands. I don't know what it is about Irish music and cold evenings, but it's forever comforting.

Quay Street in Galway Ireland
Galway Ireland, Quay Street