Simple Hacks to Keep Your Employees Engaged (and working hard).

Employee engagement does not always have to involve planning team building events, creative incentives and executive rewards. There are a few, super simple LIFE HACKS to drive employee engagement to give your business a productivity boost. 
The best bit; these hacks won't cost you a penny and maximize your return on investment into a new or existing hire. 

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Recruiting Millennials. Attractive salary or attractive work perks?

The event industry is notorious for high staff turnover. There's an appealing facade to the event industry drawing in new graduates that think it's all parties, public relations and music festivals. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, research, planning, communications, drafting contracts and so on, people lose interest in the less glamorous side of the job. 

So, what keeps the millennials motivated and engaged at work? It seems it's not just the money. 

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Singapore's Top Luxury Boutique Hotel | Lloyd's Inn.

If you're planning a trip to Singapore this year look no further for the perfect luxury, boutique stay in the heart of the city. Lloyd's Inn; a contemporary, chic hotel hidden in a quiet road within the central district of Singapore. 

One of the top 10 greenest cities of Asia; Singapore fascinates it’s tourists with it’s futuristic architecture, high efficiency MRT and bustling streets dishing up eclectic mixes of Singaporean, Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisines. 

Singapore is a city, a capital and a state all at once, making it one of only 3 city states in the world.

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Hong Kong's Top 5 Spots for Brunch in the City.

Hong Kong amoungst other things is one of the best places to brunch - in the world. Giving the city's vast selection of international eateries, local delicacies and a city of hustlers living for the weekend, Hong Kong offers the greatest selection of places to eat and the most delicious dishes to go with your inevitable free-flow.

Narrowing down to just 5 top places for brunch in Hong Kong is a tough gig. Many, many glasses of Prosecco later and we're ready to share with you our very decidedly delicious top 5. Top spots have been chosen for design, environment, service and just general kick ass eats. 

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Dinner over London | St. Pancras Clock Tower Events.

If you're looking to plan a team event or upcoming incentive for your workforce, give yourself a little extra time to really plan something exciting. It's easy, and no less delicious, to book a table at a great restaurant, close to the office, wine on arrival and full bellies at the end of the night, This of course, is how most work events go and admittedly is the easiest thing to plan. 

Challenging that, our marketeers are consistently hunting down those off path venues and hidden haunts to really impress your delegates.

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The Best Road Trips in the World | A Country Getaway on West Coast Ireland.

Road trips are great for group travel and many of the greatest memories will be made with your friends and an open road. We all have the inexplicable desire to explore and discover the world and it has been said that the most spontaneous, wise and optimistic of us will be the ones to do so. 

The best road-trippers are the individuals that do not get discouraged when things don't go according to plan. During a road trip you must expect some hiccups. The key is to go with the flow, work toegther in overcoming obstacles and most of all just enjoy the freedom of the open road. 

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Explore Europe | 3 Days in Budapest.

I arrived in Budapest on a train from Prague. Trains across Europe are great. Being able to sit and write this glaring into the green scenery of Czech is just ideal. Ear phones in, hot coffee, various snacks. All about that.  

As a city still standing on old world charm, the natural draw to Budapest is it’s visual history. The instantaneous attraction is feeling like you’ve stepped into a city, years beyond your time. Naturally, luxury follows old world; making it one of the most desirable destinations of the world. 

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11 Hidden Boutique Hotels of Europe.

Sourcing accommodation for your trip takes a lot of time to get it right. More than often it’s quicker, and less frustrating to get yourself on, set a few filters and book the first one with the averagely pretty profile picture. I have a travelling rule; to try and seek out those boutique businesses and local treasures, with charm that’s yet to be discovered.

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We recently returned from a trip to the small town of Argegno in Italy, a treasure destination by the beautiful Lake Como. It truly was one of the most beautiful places. The small town charm, community of friendly, welcoming Italians, and the R&R activities make it a great spot for an executive retreat. 

Accommodation as usual is my favourite element of the trip. I always source venues and locations that are unique. I'm also a big fan of hotels right in the hustle and bustle of it, but for somewhere on Lake Como I think it's a great opportunity to AirBnB or do an apartment hire. I stayed in an amazing rented house, which you could only reach through a long winding walkway and approximately 1 billion steps.

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Amsterdam new ruling on beer bikes - are we really that sad about it?

We were in Amsterdam earlier this year a an incentive trip. I was in conversation with a guy at the hotel who was running through the most popular tourist activities, what is worthwhile and what might be worth a miss at that time of the year. We got into a discussion about the beer bikes, which I have heard a lot about in the past and was curious about how popular they were. Yes, in theory they sound super fun and (maybe) if you're on a hen/stag do it would seem like an obligatory activity to book.

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3 Days in Copenhagen | Incentive Travel

Copenhagen boasts a wide portfolio of Michelin Star restaurants, luxury hotels, beautiful landmarks, and an array of award winning cocktail bars. Hopefully our 3 days in Copenhagen will help you in booking an extraordinary trip your yourselves. 

If you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy having a meticulous itinerary for any trip you take. It sounds anal, but if you don’t plan ahead and ensure you’ve covered all areas of interest you’ll leave wishing you’d done more.  

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Top 4 things not to miss in Monaco.

If you’re taking a short trip to Monaco, soak up as much culture as possible during your time. From a recent trip to the charming little country on the French Riviera, we stand to state it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world.

Although small, there is a great deal to do. If you’re taking a trip with friends or if you’re just looking for to book a retreat for some relaxing time out of the office - it’s ideal. 

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Retreats in Iceland | Icelandic Northern Lights and South Coast Tour

Reykjavik is such a small, quaint little city. I booked a last minute trip over here to see what all the fuss what about, and I was not disappointed. If you're planning on doing more than just seeing Reykjavik, i.e hiking tours or northern lights, I recommend booking in advance. May to September is peak season, and I visited in January, so it wasn't overly busy. 

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