Copenhagen, Denmark  |  October 2015  |  3 DAYS  |  2 NIGHTS  |  4 DELEGATES


Brief: Our client, a well established IT firm based in London, were looking to reward company directors and celebrate a new business venture. The company directors travel often for retreat programmes and were looking for something unique with Open Smoke. Taking time to get the know the team, we understood it was important for the programme to be within Europe for business purposes. 

Programme:  The team arrived in the city in the evening and had VIP transfers directly to the hotel. We regrouped for the welcome meeting later that evening, followed by dinner and drinks at an exclusive restaurant in the city. The following morning, after some well earned rest, the group took a city tour on a luxury river boat. Copenhagen is a very sustainable city, therefore the locals are mostly seen riding a bike or taking a boat to and from work. The group were able to view the outskirts of Christiania, local landmarks and beautiful views of the city, all whilst enjoying a Danish breakfast on the waterfront. Mid afternoon, the group had business meetings with a firm in the city. Early evening, the group were taken to Parken Stadium where they enjoyed a sports event in the VIP docks. The event was followed by dinner and cocktail reception and a late return to the hotel. The next morning the group took private transfers to the iconic landmark of The Little Mermaid, making a stop to appreciate the grand Opera House on the way. Late afternoon the team were booked in for a wellness session which included yoga and spin. On return to the city, we coordinated an appraisal brunch before catching flights back to London. 

Challenges: The team had a specific time frame for the incentive trip, but also needed to incorporate business meetings during their stay. We had to work diligently with our client to ensure the programme and activities would fit into schedule with their business.