Barcelona  |  November 2015  |  3 DAYS  |  2 NIGHTS  |  8 DELEGATES

Brief: Our client, a large financial firm, were looking to reward high achievers and incentivise the team to continue hitting targets for the following year. The delegates were the top 8 executives hitting the highest targets. Taking time to get the know the team, we understood they were all passionate about travel and wanted the proposal to involve outdoor activities and events for a 'younger crowd'. The client wanted to ensure the programme involved a significant amount of team building and engagement from the group. 

Programme:  The team arrive late afternoon and receive VIP transfers to the hotel. A welcome meeting is coordinated on site, where the team are briefed on the trip schedule and are given any necessary information. When settled, the team enjoy dinner and a few Estrella beers in the city! The following morning, the team meet for an early breakfast before the first event of the programme. A team building challenge is set in the city to give the team an innovate way to work together, explore the sights, and engage some creative thinking. The activity, 'corporate treasure hunt' includes planning routes, solving problems and tracking locations, all within an allotted time. This is a great activity for team building, naturally exploring the city and getting the team bonding. Later that evening, the team attended a live music event. Barcelona has a thriving jazz scene and the group have a great passion for music. Throughout the duration of the trip the group experienced 'local' activities at the Spanish markets. Later that evening the team enjoyed another rewarding incentive on a yacht experience, which included a sunset tour of the city, luxury dining and a cocktail reception. The following morning the team met for a travel review at the hotel, targets were reviewed and awards were given to members of the team. 

Challenges: Direct communication with the team was limited, so we had a short amount of time to gather the interests and passions of delegates. Late in the planning process we had to incorporate an additional delegate under the same budget. The challenges faced we overcome with ease and the group had a fantastic time during their incentive.